Clips and Brackets

An essential part of modern plumbing are the brackets and clips used to keep pipework in place and identifiable, which is why the MasterFlow range offers a variety to choose from. With everything from classic brass and stainless-steel brackets to coloured plastic clips and so much more.

The range features:

  • Munsen rings
  • Screw-on brackets
  • Saddle clips
  • Nail-on clips
Clips and Brackets

Single Munsen Ring Chrome

Single Munsen Ring Chrome

15 mm 50 800 MFMS15P
22mm 50 500 MFMS22P
28mm 25 400 MFMS28P
35mm 25 250 MFMS35P
42 mm 25 200 MFMS42P
54mm 10 200 MFMS54P