Get to Know the Solvent Weld Range

The MasterFlow catalogue is always expanding to meet our clients’ needs and provide a one-stop shop solution for our independent merchants across the UK. To achieve this, new products, innovations, and options are always being introduced and most recently, we’ve added a selection of plastic fittings, specifically solvent weld fittings to our portfolio. To mark this occasion, we thought we’d take a bit of a closer look at the features and benefits of this range.

Solvent weld fittings are typically manufactured from either ABS plastic or PVC and are designed for use within waste systems, the pipework that connects to sinks, baths, showers, and various appliances. When it comes to deciding the type of fittings to use in a waste system the 2 main choices are push-fit and solvent weld. Both approaches will do the job but are better suited to different situations.

While push-fit is slightly more time efficient and can be disassembled if something changes, but solvent weld fittings are permanent and more robust, so if the piping is located outside or likely to be subjected to movement or knocking, solvent weld is the better choice.

Solvent weld creates a permanent joint by applying a solvent paste that dissolves the plastic slightly, fusing the 2 surfaces together, creating a tough watertight seal.

As mentioned, we’ve recently introduced a range of solvent weld items that are now available to check and purchase through our online store.