The Benefits Of Using Press Fittings

There are a number of different options to choose from when it comes to fittings. There are the tried and tested brazed fittings, a common favourite of many installers. The adaptable compression fittings, capable of being demounted and used again. Finally, we have press fittings a relatively newcomer to the industry but one that is quite quickly growing in popularity.

For many, the choice of fitting will come to personal preference and there is often little difference in terms of performance, but let’s a closer look at press fittings and see why more installers are opting for them.

Quicker and cheaper

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using press fittings is the fact that the system is completely flame free, there’s no requirement to weld, braze or solder anything. Due to this, you’re already saving time and money on training alone and while there is still a need for some training on the press tool, it is significantly less than other methods.

Additionally, the ease of installation of press fittings means that projects can be completed in a fraction of the usual time.

Safer to use

Health and safety is a prime aspect of any plumbing job. The tools required for installing press fittings are less of a safety risk, as they don’t require flames, heat or extra mechanical work to complete connections. Using the tool as removes the chance of any carbon deposits or flux being left behind on the job.

There’s also the added benefit of not requiring any permits or assessments be carried out and there’s less mess to clean up, further reducing workplace hazards.

More accurate

Utilising these kinds of fittings can help improve accuracy of installs. With traditional methods, there’s always the risk that the fitting could be left incomplete. Many hydraulic press tools will only shut off when the connection is complete and secure, removing the guesswork of whether a pipe is fully joined or not.

There’s no need to fear that press connections must sacrifice something in order to achieve these feats, every fitting is just as strong and reliable as their soldered or welded counterparts.


Press fittings are available in copper, stainless steel and carbon steel, meaning they can easily be integrated into existing builds that utilise these materials, whether it’s water, gas, corrosives or even steam. If the fitting was intended for use in that system, press fittings can quickly and easily be used to extend or repair.

It’s easy to see why press fittings are becoming the first choice for plumbers everywhere and MasterFlow has a range of copperstainless steel and gas press fittings so you can stay ahead of the game.